Welcome to Hotel Misiana

A privileged space in the center of Tarifa: a 21st century Hotel with charm that peeks out in between two seas, with beaches bathed in sunlight; A special lodging that is surrounded by hundreds of interesting corners that are just waiting to be discovered. Let the aromas of Southern Spain envelope you in Hotel Misiana.

Air yourself out in the city of wind while you stay at the newly refurbished Hotel Misiana. The new directors decided to convert the outdated  legacy left by Ana Torroja, lead singer of the popular Spanish group “Mecano”, into a charming, modern and comfortable  21st Century hotel.

Hotel Misiana, with 14 beautifully designed rooms, is situated in the heart of Tarifa; it is cozy, welcoming and with infinite care put into every detail. The serene lines of the décor are reminiscent of Tarifa´s horizon while offering comfort and beauty in equal measure. Bruno Gitsels is the gifted decorator that has distilled the essence from the building´s original structure, especially from the magnificent hydraulic mosaic floors and the original stone that the ground floor was built with. He has converted every meter of the building into a haven of peace making it natural to live life at the timeless pace of this Andalusian city during your stay there. The walls are covered with the works of art that students from the “Arts and Crafts School of Algeciras” have created, thus connecting Hotel Misiana even more to the land that accommodates it.

Wood, vanilla and cream are the colors of the single and double bedrooms, as well as of the suite: Hotel Misiana´s own special jewel of the crown. Situated on the fifth and top floor of the building, it offers guests a privileged view of evocative Tarifa- right from the edge of their own private rooftop terrace. Here they can savor a bottle of champagne, enjoy a therapeutic and relaxing massage or soak in the hot tub after finishing their candle light dinner.

On the first floor guests will discover the new restaurant that substitutes the bar that used to occupy the same space. They can enjoy bountiful breakfasts and dishes cooked with the produce of the land. The select wine list that accompanies both lunch and dinner menus is available for both the hotel guests and external customers. And all the above with excellent value for money.

In addition to the standard amenities found in the hotel, guests can rent Kindle e-readers if they want to spend some time lost in the pages of a good book; but when they want to engage in other kinds of activities, the hotel offers a wide variety of possibilities: horseback riding routes, quad or 4 X 4 rentals, water sports such as kite-surfing or wind-surfing...activities that introduce guests to the wildlife of Tarifa, such as hiking, canyoning, mountain climbing, animal sighting…or activities such as cultural and historical routes, gastronomic and wine routes, wellness programs for reducing stress and tension and special programs for couples…even visits to neighboring Morocco.

To sum it all up: at Hotel Misiana we do our very best to create unforgettable memories for our guests so that they will have no doubts about returning here whenever they wish to re-discover the charm, life and magic of Tarifa.


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