It´s easy to let yourself get carried away by the peace and tranquility of Hotel Misiana, but beyond its walls, in thrilling Tarifa, too many experiences await to be lived. Let the hotel be your home base and live the city, and all that the surroundings have to offer, with us.

Kite Surf

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It´s no use fighting against the wind: make it your ally and enjoy the feeling of flying over the waters of the Altantic Ocean. Not only do millions of migrating birds fly the skies of Tarifa, there are other kinds of birds that float in the air above the beaches, taking advantage of the winds, putting touches of color in a sky that is already tinted in deep blues.
Huge kites that elevate human beings over the horizon and return them to the sea, leaving them to their own wiles among the salt tipped waves. Then, just at the right moment, with perfect inflection and creating arches out of drops of water, pirouettes emerge that would be impossible if weren´t for the complicity of the elements.
To fly and sail at the same time is possible thanks to kite-surfing and to a seacoast like the one that this city that never forgets its roots has.

Wind Surf

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Thousands of people from far away lands arrive in Tarifa to witness and participate in a meteorological phenomenon unlike any other. They do what they can to tame the winds of the East, West, North and South that seek refuge in this unique region of Cadiz.
Kilometers of sand and beaches that distill charm provide the perfect scenery for practicing wind-surf - a water sport that requires having enough strength to equal the force of the ocean as it invades the land every second. None the less, it has a hospitable bend and it allows the surf-boards to sail the shores of Tarifa propelled by the wind.
Don´t hesitate to give it a try- it doesn´t matter whether you´ve never before had the chance to enjoy this sport or if you are an expert at it. The sensations are multiplied many fold when you practice it along the coasts of Cadiz.

Gastronomical Routes

rutas gatronómicas, hotel misiana, tarifaThe abundance of fish and sea food that reaches the shores, the fruits and vegetables that can be found in just about every square centimeter of  this fertile land blessed by the elements;


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Dare to enter the less accessible surroundings of Tarifa: hidden corners only destined to those who have the grit it takes to drive these vehicles off the beaten track,  that are only for the most intrepid of drivers.

Rock Climbing

escalada, hotel misiana, taifaThe San Bartolomé Mountains have some of the most impressive climbing sites. Rock walls up to 75 meters high dot this area of Tarifa that greets the city from up high as vultures avidly gaze down upon the defying climbers.
Just as if you were a creeping vine, slowly crawl up the stone walls that defy gravity in the Strait of Gibraltar Natural Park. Tarifa is famous for its beaches, but also for these mountains that welcome visitors as they grant them all their hidden treasures.
It´s easy to find professionals that will be glad to help you learn this sport- a sport that unites human beings with the stoniest part of nature. Even the coldest, hardest rock transmits feelings.


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Tarifa cannot turn its back on its horizon- a horizon in which Morocco appears…stoically awaiting. Two continents separated by 15 kilometers of currents and fascinating marine fauna…where an ocean greets a sea.
On the other side, cities dressed in indigo, with the hustle and bustle of market places, aromas of spices, natural parks and generous mountains. Routes and visits to Chaouen and Tetuan, through the Bouhachem Natural Park and the Hauz Mountains.
While visiting Tarifa don´t miss the opportunity to discover North Africa- it´s only a stone´s throw away.


quads, hotel misiana, taifaClimb the white sands of dunes, cross muddy territories, reach the Sanctuary of Light or “Santuario de la Luz”…Get up on to the four wheels of these vehicles that have been designed so you could experience the most savage wildlife of Tarifa.  
You can do the easiest routes or the most difficult ones that have been elaborated by driving professionals. But you will always drive in the company of something that is eternally present in Tarifa: the infinite sky.
All you have to do is take command of the vehicle and drive your quad through a land blessed by nature.


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Let the wind gently sway you over the beaches of Tarifa, over the paths of the Island of Palomas or over the thousands of cork oak trees that make up one of the most astounding natural parks of Andalucia. By air, peep into Vejer de la Frontera and Algodonales- towns that share their vocation for nature.
To paraglide in Tarifa is one of those adventures that a traveler simply cannot miss, because from up above is where one has the best panoramic view of this city that surrenders itself to Mother Nature. Feel the freedom that birds feel. Fly! Paraglide!

On Horseback

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Gallop on the back of horse along the shores of a continent: the beaches of Tarifa are like a soft carpet beneath you as you wonder at the monumental dunes and the postcard views of the Natural Park they are part of. It´s up to you to make this a dream come true.
Wave to an Africa that isn´t so far away from the back of one of the world´s most wonderful and docile creatures. Feel the freedom of this corner of the “Costa de la Luz” or Shore of Light- the name says it all. Feel communion with nature in its purest state on one of our equestrian routes.
It doesn´t matter what previous experiences you have had riding because you will not be let down. The world always seems different, almost eternal, when you ride on the back of a horse.

Scuba Diving: the secrets of our waters

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The Strait of Gibraltar, joining point of two continents, is astounding on the surface; but what can be found underneath the surface of its waters is even more breathtaking.  Divers can witness the shimmer of schools of tiny silver fish or the hypnotic swaying of millions of algae or they can immerse themselves in an ancient port of Phoenician and Roman ships, in the natural underwater pools, among the remains of an early 20th century sunken ship or around the stone walls carved out by tides.
The Las Palomas Island hides many secrets in the waters that surround it. If you are an expert scuba diver or just a beginner that wants to feel the excitement of breathing under water for the first time, diving along the coast of Tarifa will be equally satisfying. Let yourself be impressed by the seas of the South of Spain.


barranquismo, hotel misiana, taifaWater, wind and time have sculpted the walls of some of the most impressive gorges in Andalucia. Descents, waterfalls, clear water pools, cascades, canyons, caves…the Cork Oak Natural Park has a lot to offer those who wish to get to know it on the inside.
Water and land share a territory which both expert and beginner “canyoners” will find thrilling, From Garganta Verde to Las Buitreras, in the northeast, the land awaits visitors to show it its secrets.
Delve into the cracks of the South of Spain: practice canyoning in Tarifa.


ballenas, hotel misiana, taifaThe effusive jumps of the dolphins, the slow immersions of the killer whales, the beauty of the sperm whales as they probe the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar…some of the busiest waters in the world. Get on a boat and witness the most authentic life of Tarifa.


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No matter what season of the year it is, in Tarifa a bicycle ride will always offer you scenes of exultant nature, beaches and dunes, age old trees and rivers that have resisted the passage of time with their never ending course.
If you prefer covering Tarifa and its surroundings at a slower rhythm, that allows you to savor every second of your stay, Hotel Misiana has bicycles for rent. All you´ll have to do is pedal along and be seduced by the paths of a city that never loses sight of the sea.

Enological Routes

rutas, hotel misiana, taifaThe lands of Andalusia are bathed in exquisite wines: “Montilla-Moriles”, “Malaga”, “Condado de Huelva” and “Jerez”. Five Protected Denominations of Origin are gathered under the skies of Andalusia.
Visit the dozens of wine cellars that treasure red and white wines, sweet wines that fulfill your taste buds with just one sip and intense cognacs. Once you pass the heavy doors, feel the stone and wood that guards the wines for years and which give them the unique taste that has been recognized as such by the most demanding of palates.
This is a special way to get to close to the essence of this land…and the best way to learn what the South of Spain tastes like.

Cultural Routes

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Arab landings, Christian invasions… Since prehistoric times, the marks of past eras have been depicted in caves such as the Moro Cave or in the archeological ruins of Baelo Claudio, that stare out to sea from on top of golden dune.

Along the paths of Tarifa

barranquismo, hotel misiana, taifaSpringtime brings out the most amazing palette of color in the Strait of Gibraltar Natural Park and the Cork Oak Natural Park. Summer illuminates them in golden light while autumn dresses them in deep ochre and reds. Winter comes softly as it gently rocks the branches of the Black Pines and the Wild Olive trees…
The routes available for hikers in this coastal town are abundant and fertile. Hike around Tarifa, delve into its many routes and cover this natural paradise with its aromas of spices, green grass and sea salt.


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This is Tarifa

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