Cultural Routes

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Arab landings, Christian invasions… Since prehistoric times, the marks of past eras have been depicted in caves such as the Moro Cave or in the archeological ruins of Baelo Claudio, that stare out to sea from on top of golden dune.

Delve into the dozens of tunnels that wind through the insides of the Rock of Gibraltar, where so much history was forged. Cover the Island of the Doves where the remains of pre-Romanic fortifications and settlements hide. No te pierdas la cara cultural de Tarifa. You will find altars carved out of the rock, stone tombs, even a castle that belonged to Guzmán el Bueno which continues to protect the city from invasions that now only take place in the skies above the Beach of Lances. Don´t miss the cultural side of Tarifa.



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This is Tarifa

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