Kite Surf

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It´s no use fighting against the wind: make it your ally and enjoy the feeling of flying over the waters of the Altantic Ocean. Not only do millions of migrating birds fly the skies of Tarifa, there are other kinds of birds that float in the air above the beaches, taking advantage of the winds, putting touches of color in a sky that is already tinted in deep blues.
Huge kites that elevate human beings over the horizon and return them to the sea, leaving them to their own wiles among the salt tipped waves. Then, just at the right moment, with perfect inflection and creating arches out of drops of water, pirouettes emerge that would be impossible if weren´t for the complicity of the elements.
To fly and sail at the same time is possible thanks to kite-surfing and to a seacoast like the one that this city that never forgets its roots has.


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This is Tarifa

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