Mountain Biking: energy on wheels

rutas en mountain bike, hotel misiana, tarifaNearby, the Cork Oak Trees Natural Park and the Strait of Gibraltar Natural Park, with their lushness, waterfalls and rivers and the cork hidden behind the bark of the trees.

A little farther away, the Moroccan mountain range of Hauz and the Talassemtane Natural Park at the feet of the Rif mountains.
Tarifa isn´t just a coastal town of Cadiz: it is a sum of all the treasures it shelters and that surround it. There are many ways to enjoy it, but few that allow you to fully experience it.
If you´re skilled at Mountain Biking and want to put yourself to the test, you have the chance of a lifetime on the dozens of routes, with differing levels of difficulty, that the landscape of Tarifa offers you.



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This is Tarifa

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