Scuba Diving: the secrets of our waters

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The Strait of Gibraltar, joining point of two continents, is astounding on the surface; but what can be found underneath the surface of its waters is even more breathtaking.  Divers can witness the shimmer of schools of tiny silver fish or the hypnotic swaying of millions of algae or they can immerse themselves in an ancient port of Phoenician and Roman ships, in the natural underwater pools, among the remains of an early 20th century sunken ship or around the stone walls carved out by tides.
The Las Palomas Island hides many secrets in the waters that surround it. If you are an expert scuba diver or just a beginner that wants to feel the excitement of breathing under water for the first time, diving along the coast of Tarifa will be equally satisfying. Let yourself be impressed by the seas of the South of Spain.


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This is Tarifa

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