Wind Surf

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Thousands of people from far away lands arrive in Tarifa to witness and participate in a meteorological phenomenon unlike any other. They do what they can to tame the winds of the East, West, North and South that seek refuge in this unique region of Cadiz.
Kilometers of sand and beaches that distill charm provide the perfect scenery for practicing wind-surf - a water sport that requires having enough strength to equal the force of the ocean as it invades the land every second. None the less, it has a hospitable bend and it allows the surf-boards to sail the shores of Tarifa propelled by the wind.
Don´t hesitate to give it a try- it doesn´t matter whether you´ve never before had the chance to enjoy this sport or if you are an expert at it. The sensations are multiplied many fold when you practice it along the coasts of Cadiz.


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This is Tarifa

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