Tarifa, of Arab origin, is located to the south of the South of Spain; there where the wind conspires with the ocean and land. Pre-history left its marks on this land and they can still be seen in the surrounding natural parks. The past becomes present in every corner, in the labyrinth of cobblestone streets, in the Arabic décor of doors and windows, in the deep green lushness that embraces it. The present carefully pampers the past here because in the past, and in the people, can be found the magic of this city.
The Cork Oak Natural Park and the Strait of Gibraltar Natural Park protect this city that is bordered by fine sand beaches and which has managed to keep its free spirit in spite of being a first class tourist destination. It´s no wonder, since within its 420 square kilometers can be found the essence of Andalusian nature and the soul of different cultures that have passed through it. This is the reason why adventurers cross the seas in search of the best wind, the prefect wave, the rock wall that defies gravity…as well as the southern atmosphere, relaxed and vibrant, that can be found on its streets.
Natural monuments such as the Bolonia dunes, the dozens of pathways that meander around the sides of San Bartolomé, the air currents capable of lifting a man off the ground, the sperm whales and dolphins that inhabit its waters, the cork oaks, wild olive trees, the Port of Jerez, the Tower of Guzman el Bueno…
The southernmost city of Europe reminds one of quijotesque adventures, only in this case, there aren´t any chimeras. Everything is authentic, everything is possible in Tarifa.



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This is Tarifa

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