Double Room

To wake up every morning enveloped in Mediterranean serenity is the gift that our hotel offers its guests, along with a polyphony of lights and a breeze that wraps you up from the minute you walk through its doors.
Rooms equipped with a queen sized bed, or two twin beds, in which ostentation has no place. Only what is authentic can be found in the warm woods, the whites and creams that relax guest’s eyes upon their arrival to this city, Tarifa, that so generously gives itself to its visitors.
If the beaches of Tarifa offer you the pleasure of their salty waters, in Misiana you´ll have the pleasure of candlelit baths. If you wish, you can read in bed with a Kindle e-reader that you can find on loan at the reception desk- nothing like reading an unforgettable book in a room worthy of the best storyline.


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This is Tarifa

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