Special Programs

Regain Your Serenity

Do you dream of having a few days to disconnect from everything and just recover your internal peace and serenity?
In an idyllic natural setting, where it is easy to regain your “joie de vivre”, we invite you to partake in the wellness program “Regain Your Serenity” that Hotel Misiana offers its guests. The basic program is offered in two and five day versions and will be adapted according to your own special needs and desires.
Guided and accompanied by an expert Life Coach-Transpersonal Counselor, you will immerse yourself in a relaxation and renewal process like you have never before experienced, beneath an infinite blue sky and swayed by the hypnotic sounds of waves and wind.
The Basic Regain Your Serenity Program includes:
-Guided visualization sessions in which you will enter states of deep physical and mental relaxation. This will reduce your level of tension, blood pressure and insomnia as it favors repairing and revitalizing sleep; and it will help you recover your creativity and general well-being.
-Learn and practice conscious breathing exercises that will help to eliminate toxins in your body and balance your biological functions, dissolve pent up negative emotions and increase your level of vital energy.
-Learn and practice different forms of Transpersonal Mindfulness that will help you dissociate yourself from the unceasing chatter of your mind and allow you to neutrally observe your obsessive thought patterns. This will help you learn to discern what is really important and what is superfluous, it will help you maintain a state of full awareness and increasingly live in the here and now.
-Silent walks, easy yoga and stretching exercises, contemplate the sunrise on the beach.
-Water activities, during the day and at night, to help you reach deep states of relaxation.
-Sedate talks with the Coach-Transpersonal Counselor that will help you find lasting and effective ways to reduce tension and stress in your everyday life, to remember what is essential in your life and allow your natural “joie de vivre” to flow.

Rekindle Your Passion

Warmth and intimacy will envelope you in a blanket of renewed sensuality at Hotel Misiana during a stay in which you will have the chance to taste new flavors of passion. This is possible thanks to a special program we offer just for couples; and though you certainly don´t have to be honeymooners to enjoy these delicacies,  if you are, surely it will be the perfect complement for your brand new journey through life together.
The Basic Program “Rekindle Your Passion” is offered in two versions- two or five days. For this journey through the senses, you will be guided and counseled by a Life Coach-Transpersonal Counselor, expert in couple relations. But your senses will also be captivated by the brilliant sunlight of Tarifa, its beaches of soft sands and mischievous waters, aromas of spices reminiscent of Morocco, the salty taste of the breeze and the inspiring sounds of Southern Spain.
The Basic Program “Rekindle Your Passion” has been created so that you both can:
-Discover, learn how to apply and practice ancient techniques based on Tantra and Tao that will help you experience your union more intensely and deeply. Different types of massages, joint rhythmic breathing, the profound gaze, energy connection, increase and prolong your pleasure…
-Learn how to share and carry out your fantasies (even your most unmentionable ones) in order to reach an exceptional degree of complicity and togetherness.
-Discover how your arguments, which are an essential part of any couple relationship but often have negative effects on your levels of passion, contain the keys that will allow you to build a dynamic relationship in which you can grow together, side by side.
-In this program you have the possibility of adding on extra activities that are especially appropriate for couples, such as: sailing, horseback riding, picnics on the beach or on the mountain, romantic dinners, spa circuits, dancing…an endless variety of additional details that will contribute to making your passion burn with the intensity of Tarifa´s sunshine.
*This program is open to couples of all orientations.


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